Flower Care

Hand Tied Bouquets

These are arranged in the hand and tied, so the recipient can simply put them into a vase ready arranged. They come in a bubble of cellophane under the stems with a water supply to keep the flowers fresh. They can be left in the cellophane for a few hours or overnight.

Put the sachet of flower food into the vase and fill with water. Hold the bouquet over a sink and cut the cellophane off at the bottom. Trim approximately 1cm from the ends of the flowers and place in the vase. Place your bouquet out of direct heat and sunlight, away from draughts.

Gift Wrapped Bouquets

These flat style bouquets are designed leaving stems long so the recipient can arrange them themselves into a container or vase. Perfect for people that like arranging flowers. Put the sachet of flower food in the container and fill with water. 

Unwrap the flowers and remove any leaves that would below the water line. Trim each stem and place in the container. Place the flowers out of direct heat and sunlight, away from draughts.


These are designed to need nothing doing with them, you can simply enjoy them in the provided containers. Perfect for busy people who might not have time to arrange flowers, gifts for hospital or care homes. They are arranged in oasis that contains water. All they require is placing on a protective mat and watering every few days to keep the oasis wet.

Place the flowers out of direct heat and sunlight, away from draughts. If the arrangement contains a candle, it should never be left unattended when lit.


Individual plants have different requirements depending on the family they belong to and their country of origin. If you would like information regarding the care of your plant please contact us at the shop and we will be happy to advise you how to care for it. Unless otherwise specified your plant will be suitable for keeping indoors.